The proper grip of the workpiece is a critical phase in the automation process.
Effecto Group has a range of products that can satisfy every needs, the most extreme ones too.
Our grippers can clamp glass, textile, small products such as OR, processes in which it is necessary to obtain perfect airtightness in applications, requiring several environmental conditions.
We have grippers suitable to be used in food production, with the presence of deionized water, as in the production of hard disk drives or silicon elements.


Wide range of products that covers all areas which require precision in the parts grip(glass, fabric, food).
Our clients choose us because they can find the answer to any need of the part grip.


Effecto Group robot components are realized to mount two grippers at the same time, for example during loading/unloading phases of the parts, or during loading phases of the raw parts and unloading phases of the finished parts.
We have reduced dimensions of some models, that are ideal for the construction of compact equipment.
Our customers choose us for the reliability of our products.


Very complete range of products for linear translations.
Our customers choose us because of the compactness of the products.


Versatile products and full range of shaft and plate actuator.
Our customers choose us for our working accuracy.


Large range that meets all needs of deburring, tapping, filing, milling …
Our customers choose us because they know they will find the right product for the deburring of their production processes.