Self-centering vice with automatic indexing

The series AISV self-centering vices with automatic indexing were designed to be installed on the platform of Machining Centres with hydraulic presetting.

Optimal performances are obtained with 5-axle machines because, on the vice jaws, the rotation and hydraulic indexing axle combines with the 5-axle Numeric Control system of the machine tool, thus allowing with a single loading and blocking operation the complete machining of especially complicated parts.

The indexed axle of the AISV vice (4 positions x 90°) enhances the performance of the machine tool because:

  • It releases the pane of the part under processing, which by traditional tooling is turned toward the viceand is therefore not accessible to the tool set
  • It eliminates the need for reload machining, thus cutting down on machining time and enhancing the processing precision
  • In combination with the NC axles of the machine tool it increases the flexibility of the machine itself and simplifies the programming procedure
  • The part can be rapidly and easily repositioned around its axle

The designing benchmarks were:

  • Safety: the electronic system to control the indexing position interfaced with the machine numeric control device verifies if the working position matches the one referred to by the program
  • Precision and reliability: the vice is built with special types of treated steel; the know-how gained by tecnomors in forty years of presence on the market as manufacturer of precision grippers and indexing chucks is the best guarantee
  • Rigidity: the patented indexing device avails itself radially of preloaded cylindrical rollers slides; the vice slides are adjusted based on millesimal tolerances
  • Versatility: the blocking mechanism adjusts the clamping force by regulating the pressure during the machining phase, without opening the vice jaws, to finish the parts subject to deformation
  • Compactness: the reduced dimensions of the mechanisms allow for better exploitation of the machining area

The vice are built based on the specific references given for the Machining Centres Platform on which they are to be installed (drawing with exact dimensions, set up and supply positions must be specified) without need for interfacing plates on the machining platform.
*( nr. 2 double solenoid activated electrovalves with independent pressure reducers).

Corsa griffa
Str. per jaw
Pressione max. chiusura
Max. clamp. pressure
Forza reale chiusura max. unit.
Actual unitary clamp. force
Codice articolo
Article code
AISV 420-40207010500.01150AS420AAB