AR-DIS Rotary actuators with plate, distributor and 4 ways air shaft


The rotary actuators series “DIS”, as “COL”, derive from FAM 2.3 with admixture 4 – ways, integred into the principal spindle, to feed the supplementary objecks in rotating position.

In this model of rotary actuators the “distributor”, where the tubes are connected with supplementary feeding, is joined to the principal spindle and it turns with it.
Spindle rotation, supported on prestressed oblique bearings, is assured by a pair of rack pistons in treated steel.
Rotation angle can be adjusted with precision, with total extra stroke approx. of 2°, through two threaded pushrods and one or two contrast blocks built into the cap (optional).

The stop is made directly on the spindle assuring precision and reliability.

Deceleration is guaranteed by hydraulic shock absorbers, with incorporated cartridge and pressure-tight, with act on the rack piston and the rotation can be controlled via integrated sensors, that detect the magnetic field generated by a rubber magnet ring fixed up one of two rack pistons.

It is possible to have as optional the rotation control with proximity sensors fixed with two external grub screws (to stop the actuator) to detect the spindle position.

All versions have an internal circuit that feeds both sides of the piston (to obtain the maximum torque) connected only on side pneumatically for simplicity and to save space.

The actuators have a predisposition to work eighter with air or with oil, with the pressure indicated into “specifications”.

The actuator body is an hard-anodised aluminium alloy, as to the joint fixing the pincers; the rotating spindle is in steel hardened at 62HRC; the gear and the rack pistons are in UNI 39 NiCrMo3 nitriding-hardening steel.

The loading body incorporates lubriflon carbon charged seals which guarantee seal with little friction.

Angolo di rotazione
Rotation angle
Vol. aria doppia corsa
Dual stroke air vol.
Coppia teor. di rotazione
Theoretical rotation torque
6 bar-Ncm
Press. di esercizio
Working pressure
Codice articolo
Article code
AR 25-90° DIS90°681.24-83.4AR250DRN
AR 25-180° DIS180°1331.24-84.6AR250DRC
AR 32-90° DIS90°1322.44-85AR320DRN
AR 32-180° DIS180°2582.44-86.5AR320DRC
AR 45-90° DIS90°2865.24-88.7AR450DRN
AR 45-180° DIS180°5605.24-812.2AR450DRC
AR 50-90° DIS90°4247.74-813.5AR500DRN
AR 50-180° DIS180°8327.74-819AR500DRC