ARA Rotary actuators with shaft, light set


Rotary actuators with “spindle” represent, into tecnomors set, an intermediary series, in which it is possible to find the suitable size.
These models are “without optional”, because they are installed on the machine.

The principal spindle is supported on radial ball bearings.
Spindle rotation is assured by a pair of rack pistons.
The stop is made with an optional kit composted by a slever in steel up the principal spindle, that hits two threaded pushrods. It is always the same slever that makes the stop hited hydraulic decelerations.

It is possible to have as optional, with proximity sensors fixed with external grud screw (to stop the actuator) to detect spindle position.
These actuators have the predisposition for pneumatic working.

The actuator body is an hard-anodised aluminium alloy; the rotation spindle and the gear are in UNI 39 NiCrMo3 nitriding-hardened steel; the piston is in aluminium alloy.

Angolo di rotazione
Rotation angle
Vol. aria doppia corsa
Dual stroke air vol.
Coppia teor. di rotazione
Theoretical rotation torque
6 bar-Ncm
Press. di esercizio
Working pressure
Codice articolo
Article code
ARA 10-90°90°120.212-80.4AR400RBA
ARA 10-180°180°240.212-80.49AR400RCA
ARA 12-90°90°240.4352-80.63AR410RFA
ARA 12-180°180°460.4352-80.75AR410RGA
ARA 12-180° INT90°+90°460.4352-81.3AR410RGC
ARA 15-90°90°490.92-81.2AR505ABA
ARA 15-180°180°970.92-81.4AR505ABB
ARA 15-180° INT90°+90°970.92-82AR505ABE
ARA 17-90°90°811.42-82.3AR440RUA
ARA 17-180°180°1541.42-82.7AR440RVA
ARA 22-90°90°2193.72-84.5AR450RCA
ARA 22-180°180°4143.72-85.4AR450RDA