ARE Rotary actuators with cap, light set


The rotary actuators “ARE” are studied to move the little loads with extreme quality and strength.

The principal spindle is assured by radial ball bearings with shielding protection.

The spindle conformation with a cap with a foratures fencing, makes easy the application of the particular.
The rotation is made directly on the pistons through threaded pushrods.

In these models is not included the deceleration of stroke, because the unpretentious torque and the short linear strokes pistons don’t need it. The rotation control is integrated into the actuator body.

The rotation control is assured by two sensors, that detedt the magnetic field generated by a rubber magnet ring fixed up one of the two rack pistons.

The actuators have a predisposition to work eighter with air or with oil “specifications”.
The actuator body is an hard-anodised aluminium alloy; the rotation spindle, the gear and the piston are in UNI 39 NiCrMo3 nitriding-hardened steel.

Angolo di rotazione
Rotation angle
Vol. aria doppia corsa
Dual stroke air vol.
Coppia teor. di rotazione
Theoretical rotation torque
6 bar-Ncm
Press. di esercizio
Working pressure
Codice articolo
Article code
ARE 12-90°90°2.749.82-80.32RE129ARA
ARE 12-180°180°5.449.82-80.41RE128ARB
ARE 16-90°90°5.7106.42-80.52RE169ARA
ARE 16-180°180°11.4106.42-80.68RE168ARB
ARE 20-90°90°10184.92-80.77RE209ARA
ARE 20-180°180°20184.92-80.97RE208ARB