CHISEL Burring chisel


The chipping hammer CHISEL 4380 is well suited to remove burrs and flashes of mold parting lines particularly in openings, slots and grooves.

It is well suited for the deflashing of parts made of gray cast iron- and aluminum-casting.

It can be employed in any orientation.

The chisel tip is compliable in two directions.

The pressure against the workpiece can be set from the robot program.

The chipping hammer can either be mounted stationary onto a tool stand (Toolstand) or
onto the robot arm.

If these tools at the robot have to be changed automatically, a tool changing system (Tool-
Changer) is available.

Different chisel inserts can be used.
To assure an optimal life of the air motors the compressed air must be cleaned and lubricated.

Corse per minuto 4380
Energia per colpo 1.4 J
Compensazione oscillante in due direzioni allo scalpello±3.8°/±17 mm
Compensazione torsionale a 6 bar26 Nm
Forza di compensazione a 6 bar 96 N
Avanzamento5-150 mm/sec
Consumo di aria 4 l/sec
Ingressi alimentazione aria BSP3/8,M5
Fissaggio scalpello albero quadro da 13 mm
Peso7.4 Kg
Codice articolo 1015.210
Scalpello disincrostatore 15x155 mm1076.001
Scalpello disincrostatore 15x200 mm 1076.002
Scalpello piatto 15x200 mm1076.003
Scalpello piatto grande 35x200 mm 1076.008
Scalpello da formare 15x200 mm 1076.009