The CNC-Flexicut 250 can be used in CNC-machines to remove economically burrs generated in the machining process.

The CNC-Flexicut follows the undefined part edges between machined and raw surfaces. It can compensate edge deviations of up to 8 mm.

Due to the unique cardanic suspension of the spindle it is possible to deburr around corners without chang-ing the tool orientation. The pressure against the part is set by a pressure control valve. This allows a variation of the chamfer width.

The tool is driven by an air spindle. The high speed of the spindle (35’000 rpm) allows high feed rates of up to 15 m/min.

The spindle is driven by the air that is used to flush out the tool-taper and/or the cooling water line.

During the deburring process the main spindle of the Center is standing still.

The CNC-Flexicut can be stored in the normal toolrack.

Commercial milling inserts can be used which allows the deburring of all type of materials.

Potenza motore 240 W
Velocità rotazione a vuoto35000 g/min
Compensazione radiale in tutte le direzioni alla pinza±4.2°/±8 mm
Compensazione torsionale a 6 bar3.45 Nm
Compensazione assiale a 6 bar alla pinza30 N
Avanzamento 2-15 m/min
Consumo di aria7.5 l/sec
Pressurizzazione attraverso il mandrino della macchina
Trattamento ariaunità di controllo con filtro e oliatore per 2-3
PinzaØ6 mm (optional 3 & 8 mm & 1/4)
Sbavaturaa seconda dell’applicazione, fresa rotante standard