Automatic Tool Changers


The Epsilon Tool Changer line provides a strong and reliable method for a manipulator (i.e., a robot) to quickly change between different tools/end-effectors. With Applied Robotics, Inc.’s modular design, the Epsilon offers the maximum flexibility for any application.

The line was designed to be a comprehensive family of tool changers that cover the entire range of the current CXC, MXC and Sigma tool changers we already make (ranging from 10kg. to 1,500kg.).



This is a Tool Changer Evolution. Our cam design has stood the test of time and even with extensive research; we couldn’t do anything better. In fact, we are so confident in our locking mechanism that we offer a lifetime guarantee on it. We also made sure to incorporate new market requirements and customer feedback to design these tool changers; that’s why we extended the availability of couple/uncouple sensing and came up with a direct bolt design to limit the need of adaptor plates.

Our Epsilon tool changers work to solve our customers’ more specialized application challenges in:

  • assembly
  • dispensing
  • material handling and welding
Datasheet3D DrawingModelRated payloadOperating moment
(Mx - My)
Operating torque

Repeat accuracy

Rotational repeatabilityDiameter or width x lengthHeight coupledWeight
The dimensions are indicative and susceptible to changes due to technical improvements. We reserve the right to make changes without notice.
E 31.510 kg52 Nm30 Nm± 0.02 mm± 0.04 °46mm36mm0.13kg
E 5025 kg88 Nm120 Nm± 0.02 mm± 0.02 °85mm48mm0.59kg
E 6350 kg112 Nm220 Nm± 0.02 mm± 0.02 °85mm48mm0.60kg
E 8090 kg465 Nm640 Nm± 0.02 mm± 0.01°152mm71.5mm2.74kg
E 100120 kg548 Nm960 Nm± 0.02 mm± 0.01°152mm71.5mm2.68kg
E 125LP225 kg173 7 Nm2020 Nm± 0.02 mm± 0.01°175mm x224mm120mm9.22kg
E 125350 kg2576 Nm4180 Nm± 0.02 mm± 0.01°190mm94mm5.43kg
E 160525 kg3775 Nm5460 Nm± 0.02 mm± 0.01°242.9mm x 280.5mm120mm13.69kg
E 160 STL*600 kg4300 Nm4800 Nm± 0.02 mm± 0.01°242.9mm x 280.5mm120mm13.89kg
ES 1608 00 kg5649 Nm52800 Nm± 0.02 mm± 0.01°242.9mm x 280.5mm120mm18.03kg
E 2001500 kg15097 Nm11660 Nm± 0.02 mm± 0.01°310mm x 358mm120mm28.53kg

*E160 (STL) utilizes a steel tool side and an aluminum robot side

Operating pressure 5 – 7 bar
Ambient temperature 5-60°C
Sound emissions (sound pressure) ≤ 70 db (A) in each direction