The finishing tools FINISHTOOL SERIES 200 can be used for surface finishing

with radial wheels such as grinding and polishing of almost any material.

The spindle is radially compliable while the necessary pressure is monitored by

program control.

The weight can be completely compensated and the compliance force monitored to zero

by switching the compliance air. The compliance is effected by a parallelogram mechanism

that assures that the movement is parallel and that the tool angle does not change.

The wear of the wheel is monitored by a sensor and compensated by program control.

The tool can either be mounted stationary onto a tool stand (Toolstand) or onto the robot


If these tools at the robot have to be changed automatically, a tool changer (Changing

Systems) is available. Commercially available wheels can be used. The speed can be

optimized to the application by selection of a suitable air motor.

To assure an optimal life of the air motors the compressed air must be cleaned and lubricated.


Potenza motore840 W840 W620 W620 W
Velocità rotazione a vuoto2500 g/min4200 g/min3550 g/min5250 g/min
Velocità nominale 1280 g/min2100 g/min1700 g/min2650 g/min
Movimento di compensazione radiale 28 mm28 mm28 mm28 mm
Forza di compensazione a 6 bar 140 N140 N140 N140 N
Avanzamento 50-200 mm/sec50-200 mm/sec50-200 mm/sec50-200 mm/sec
Consumo di aria 16.5 l/sec16.5 l/sec14.5 l/sec 14.5 l/sec
Ingressi alimentazione aria G1/4, 12mm/4mm G1/4, 12mm/4mm G1/4, 12mm/4mm G1/4, 12mm/4mm
Albero motoreØ16 x 40 mmØ16 x 40 mmØ16 x 40 mmØ16 x 40 mm
MolaØ100-250 mmØ100-250 mmØ100-250 mmØ100-250 mm
Peso7 Kg7 Kg7 Kg7 Kg
Sensore compensazione usura24 V induttivo24 V induttivo24 V induttivo24 V induttivo
Codice articolo3076.210 3076.2113076.2313076.233
Utensile Ø25.4x32 (D=25.4 mm / B=32 mm)3052.200
Spazzolesu richiesta
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