Deburring tools – with and without compliance


The FLEXITOOL is designed for the efficient deburring of bore-intersections and bore surfaces. Drills or reamers can be inserted without problems in bores due to the Floating chuck. The floating chuck can compensates radial and angular misplacement errors between bore and tool axis when inserting the drills or reamers. The FLEXITOOL 170 is axially movable. The necessary feed forward force can be set by the program control. Because of that the drill or the reamer is freely compliable in all directions.

Datasheet...........Model...........PowerIdling speedRated speedComplianceCompliance force
@ 6 bar
Fluid consumption Tool mountingWeight
The dimensions are indicative and susceptible to changes due to technical improvements. We reserve the right to make changes without notice.
FLEXITOOL 110240 - 600 W550 - 18000 rpm260 - 10000 rpm8.3 - 17.5 l/sDrill chuck or collet2 - 2.5 kg
FLEXITOOL 150390 W550 rpm259 rpm8.3 l/sCollet ESX12 Ø6 mm1.8 kg
FLEXITOOL 170390 W550 rpm259 rpm12 mm (axial)approx. 60 N8.3 l/sCollet ESX12 Ø6 mm3.7 kg
FLEXITOOL 210830 W 2550 min -11280 min -117 l/sShaft Ø16j6 x 40 mm2.3 kg
FLEXITOOL 250830 W570 min -1290 min -117 l/sShaft Ø16j6 x 40 mm2.5 kg
FLEXITOOL 270830 W570 min -1290min -116 mm (axial)approx. 135 N17 l/sCollet ER25 Ø8 mm7 kg