Heavy Duty Bag Gripper

Applied Robotics’ bag gripper is built for high dynamic, high cycle, repeatable bag moving in all types of environments.


  • Pneumatically actuated mechanism to clamp the bags from the sides, keeping bag and tool centered to prevent misalignment and maintain palletizing consistency. These clamps are manually adjustable ± 95mm to accommodate different bag widths.
  • Pneumatically actuated clamp pads (Bag Pushers) that contact the top of the bag and hold it in position against the fingers which prevents loss of registration.
  • All required valving and plumbing is also included. The pneumatic supply of clean, dry air is to be provided by the customer
  • Utilizes dry lube bearings.
  • The gripper is hard coated for protection in extreme environments.
  • It has replaceable stainless steel fingers.



  • A sensor to verify presence / absence of the bag in the gripper.
  • Capable of 20+ cycles per minute, dependent upon robot and distance traveling.
  • Pre-configured for robots with an ISO 125 bolt pattern for tool mounting or many other options but able to be used without a robot and all I/O included for ease of integration.
  • All electrical interconnections between the valves, sensors and the junction box as well as the electrical cable and connector are provided for easy robot integration.



  • A pneumatic mechanism for moving empty pallets into the loading position. (Note: mechanism will handle empty pallets only).
  • Vacuum cups operated by a single generator to pick up a 40” x 48” slip sheet.
  • Collision sensing device options available
  • Quick connect/disconnect devices for robotic attachment available



PDF - Bag Gripper