HIT Hydraulic indexing table (4×90°)

The HIT hydraulic indexing tables allow 4 indexing positions at 90°.

The indexing tables can be mounted on the machine tool table with presetting for hydraulic connection: millers, machining centers, etc. to carry out jobs such as for example milling, drilling etc.
The indexing system (tecnomors patent) is of the hydraulic type.

One single piston activates the rotation and the subsequent locking of the table, the rotation is of the incremental non-reversible type (unidirectional).

The rotation and indexing speeds can be adjusted individually through a pair of incorporated valves, to ensure a smooth and problem free function based on the loads, especially in the presence of out-of-center loads and hydraulic pressure.

It requires a simple plumbing system with a single electrovalve to activate a double effect piston.
The simplicity of the plumbing system required for the functioning and the easy mounting make the system universal and applicable within limited tooling time.

Exceptional value of the indexing torque resulting in higher working parameters with equal product dimensions as opposed to other models with braking jaws blockage control.
Since the indexing table does not have an incorporated motor, it occupies a limited space within the work station.

Diametro tavola
Table diameter
Angolo indexaggio
Indexing angle
Carico lav. ammissibile
Coppia di inexaggio
Indexing torque
35 bar - Nm
Pressione max
Max. pressure
Codice articolo
Article code
HIT 45501029050005055525BF500SCF