LGE – 2-finger

LGE – 2-finger

Pneumatic Parallel Grippers

LGE 2-Finger

LGE is a small two-finger parallel gripper featuring high reliability and a long service life, suitable for handling low weight components.


  • High energy density.
  • High stroke per jaw.
  • Sturdy T-slot with hardened steel gibs for effective jaw guidance, precise handling, and easy maintenance.
  • Compact dimensions for minimal impact in space sensitive applications.
  • Oval piston maximizes gripping forces.
  • Mounting in two screw directions for versatile and flexible integration.
  • Air supply via hose-free direct connections or fitting screw connections.
Scheda tecnicaDisegno 3DModelloCorsa per griffaVolume aria per cicloForza di chiusura per griffa
@ 6 bar
Forza di apertura per griffa
@ 6 bar
Forza totale di chiusura
@ 6 bar
Forza totale di apertura
@ 6 bar
Peso pezzo consigliatoPesoRipetibilità
Le dimensioni sono indicative e suscettibili di variazioni per migliorie tecniche. Ci riserviamo di apportare modifiche senza preavviso.
LGE 303 mm1.2 cmᶾ38 N22 N76 N44 N0.38 kg0.11 kg± 0.05 mm
LGE 354 mm2.5 cmᶾ57 N42 N114 N84 N0.57 kg0.135 kg± 0.05 mm
LGE 456 mm5 cmᶾ77 N55 N154 N110 N0.77 kg0.24 kg± 0.05 mm