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LUD Flat Guided Slides


  • Flat precision slides with single (LUD-SG) or double (LUD-DG) profile rail guides with ball recirculation, long stroke to move loads within limited spaces
  • Light moving bulks for high dynamic efficiency
  • Double effect pneumatic cylinder (AISI304 stainless steel tube with Ra
  • Integrated seats for magnetic sensors (for optional sensors see tables of accessories)
  • End stroke stops with hydraulic shock absorbers with integrated end stroke block (standard)
  • End stroke stops with locking screws with elastomer, for light loads and slow speed (on request)
  • Feedthrough holes or threadings for assembly of the slide and locking of the components
  • Pneumatic input units always to be connected with air flow regulators (not supplied)
  • Four different product sizes with a wide range of available strokes
  • Light weight thanks to the use of aluminium alloys


Vol. aria dopp. corsa
Dual stroke air vol.
Forza in estens.
Extension force
6 bar-N
Forza in ritraz.
Retraction force
6 bar-N
Press. di eserc.
Working pressure
Max peso appl.
Max appl. weight
Max mom. statico
Max static moment
Codice articolo
Article code
LUD 16 050 SG5017.6118882-80.7534LU165SGA
LUD 16 075 SG7526.4118882-80.9034LU167SGA
LUD 20 075 SG7541.21841382-81.3559LU207SGA
LUD 20 100 SG10054.91841382-81.5559LU201SGA
LUD 25 075 SG7565.22882222-82.30816LU257SGA
LUD 25 100 SG10086.92882222-82.60816LU251SGA
LUD 25 150 SG150130.32882222-83.10816LU251SGB
LUD 32 100 SG100140.74723542-84.501435LU321SGA
LUD 32 150 SG150211.14723542-85.301435LU321SGB
LUD 32 200 SG200281.44723542-86.201435LU322SGA
LUD 16 075 DG7526.4118882-81.2036LU167DGA
LUD 16 100 DG10035.2118882-81.4036LU161DGA
LUD 16 150 DG15052.8118882-81.7536LU161DGB
LUD 20 100 DG10054.91841382-81.95512LU201DGA
LUD 20 150 DG15082.41841382-82.45512LU201DGB
LUD 20 200 DG200109.81841382-82.95512LU202DGA
LUD 25 150 DG150130.32882222-83.70820LU251DGA
LUD 25 200 DG200173.82882222-84.40820LU252DGA
LUD 25 250 DG250217.22882222-85.10820LU252DGB
LUD 32 200 DG200281.44723542-87.101442LU322DGA
LUD 32 250 DG250351.84723542-88.201442LU322DGB
LUD 32 300 DG300422.14723542-89.201442LU323DGA