M – 3 jaws

Self-centering vise with lever mechanism and pneumatic or hydraulic drive – 3 jaws


The M vice is normally used on special machines for chip removal, in order to lock the workpiece with absolute precision during the working phase.
This vice is also used in assembly systems.


In order to have perfect interchangeability of the vice on the machine, and item gripper jaws, we carry out the final rectification of centering and height with the assembled vice and with pressure at the same bar required by the customer. This also allows to better simulate the real working conditions.
The vice provides also systems for scraping and trimming to prevent or minimize the intrusion of extraneous bodies. For particularly difficult material working, it can be realized a forced pressurized system to avoid the entry of the dirt through the center or side plate.

ModelStroke per jawClosing force per jaw

@ max pressure
Total closing force

@ max pressure
PressureRepeat accuracyFluid consumption double strokeWeight
The dimensions are indicative and susceptible to changes due to technical improvements. We reserve the right to make changes without notice.
M 1136 mm4153 N12459 N6-30 bar±0.01 mm109 cm³5.5 kg
M 1438 mm6419 N19257 N6-30 bar±0.01 mm225 cm³10.2 kg
M 1739 mm9980 N29940 N6-30 bar±0.01 mm393 cm³20 kg

Ambient temperature 5-60°C
Sound emissions (sound pressure) ≤ 70 db (A) in each direction