MADT Semi-automatic self-centering power chuck. Draw rod clamping and manual indexing

MADT chucks series are self-centering.
In version MADT jaws clamping is automatic trough a draw rod and a rear cylinder.

MADT chucks has booth manual indexing system.

In MADT power chucks manufacture and design we have applied the experience and the technology matured in particular in indexing power chuck design.
The originality of these indexing self-centering power chucks comes to the constant improvements Tecnomors done since the early 1960’s after the first chuck prototype realisation.

The main MADT power chucks features are: 

  • made in special high resistance hardened and cementing 60HRC steel UNI18NiCrMo5, to maintain a high degree of precision, reliability and quality
  • jaws slides execution with gib allows good sliding surface finish with possibility to recover clearances consequent to wear
  • shaft guide system with two lines of big filled cylindrical pre-loaded radial rollers and with an axially strong ball bearing
  • indexing movement simple and reliable: a conical shutter guarantees the mechanical indexing. Indexing precision ±1’30”
  • seals against contamination by coolant, chips and dust
  • constant and long lasting precision
  • easy installation to the machine
  • standard with 4 indexing 90° + 1 indexing 45°.
  • On request special indexing positions available (8×45°, 6×60°)


MADT specifications :

  • self-centering clamping
  • big clamping capacity
  • versions with long jaw for workpieces that need a big radius of revolution
  • quick and easy installation to the machine, it is request only the connection to the hydraulic cylinder on the lathe

MADT benefits :

  • manufacturing of different pieces and also of small series
  • workpieces with big radius of revolution and flanges with big diameter
  • could be apply in the same machine with a conventional 3 jaws power chuck thanks to the quick retooling increasing unit flexibility and productivity
  • the indexing device allowing a quick change between the multiple working axes
  • good tools accessibility thanks to the chuck shape

A special Tecnomors device with titled plane transmits the clamping force to the jaws.

Chuck is supplied without driving cylinder. See the specific chapter to check cylinder and chuck size.

Forza reale chius. griffa
Actual clamp. force per jaw
da N
Ap. mandrino
Chuck opening
Ch. mandrino
Chuck closing
Rotazione max-giri/min.
Max rev.-r.p.m.
Type “C”
Type “L”
Codice articolo
Article code
Type “C”
Codice articolo
Article code
Type “L”
MAD/T 1651659007559180017DT165TBA
MAD/T 19519514009578160024DT195TCA
MAD/T 220220140012010215003032DT220TDADT220TEA
MAD/T 230230130014011514003638DT230TFADT230TGA
MAD/T 250248165015012313004547DT250THADT250TIA
MAD/T 275275165017514712005962DT275TLADT275TMA
MAD/T 315315165021018010006570DT315TRADT315TSA
MAD/T 35035022002301988007680DT350TNADT350TOA
MAD/T 40040022002652336509095DT400TPADT400TQA
MAD/T 4504452800320278550175190DT450TTADT450TUA