MAE tech – stationary clamping self-centering vices

Self-centering locking static bases, pneumatically and/or hydraulic actuated, available with short or long stroke, for maximum efficiency in producing series.

Combine high clamping force with long stroke, great accuracy and repeatability , suitable to meet all the applications in a compact size and low height.

Operating system with kinematics inclined planes, piston with double guide for highest precision, adjusted jaws’ guides.

The centering grinding of the marks on the jaws is done under pressure, with the vice completely assembled to grant a total interchangeability between the vices and ensure great precision.

Made of hardened steel, feeding holes available on the side and on the bottom of the vice.

In addition to manual greasing points a pressurization and forced lubrication nipple is available.
Protections against dirty help to increase the reliability and reduce the maintenance intervals

Corsa per griffa
Stroke per jaw
Corsa pistone
Piston stroke
Vol. aria dopp. corsa
Dual stroke air vol.

Forza teor. chius. griffa
Theor. clamping force per jaw
6 bar-N
Press. di esercizio
Working pressure
Codice articolo
Article code
MAE-tech100-P-X613130297 [6 bar]9 bar - Pneumatic4ME100PXA
MAE-tech100-P-S313130600 [6 bar]7 bar - Pneumatic4ME100PSB
MAE-tech100-H-X61321320 [40 bar]60 bar - Hydraulic5ME100HXC
MAE-tech100-H-S31321646 [40 bar]45 bar - Hydraulic5ME100HSD