Indexing chuck with automatic clamping and indexing – (8×45°) 


MDE is an automatic indexing chuck with hydraulic clamping and indexing. It is not self-centering.


• made in special high resistance hardened and cementing 60HRC steel UNI18NiCrMo5, to maintain a high degree of precision, reliability and quality
• indexing movement (tecnomors patent) simple reliable with only a piston that works in rotation and in clamping position. Indexing precision ± 1’
• guiding system of clamping and of the indexing mechanism. This system uses 2 pre-loaded solid straight roller radially and 1 axial bearing
• seals against contamination by coolant, chips or dust
• constant and long lasting precision
• easy installation to the machine

• the chuck is connected to the rear rotating oil manifold thanks to the nest tube. This tube system is supplied with grinding hardened steel clutchs
• centrifugal force compensation system for parts susceptible to deformations to obtain an higher productivity performance
• indexing control device
• a good automation system level grows using robot to load and to unload workpieces
• indexing process is possible also in rotation position to allow a fast indexing position passage. The rotation speed has to be not at the maximum power
• indexing takes, with position control, approx. 2-4 seconds per 90°, depending on the size of the chuck
• very simple hydraulic system based on 2 indexing mechanism ports, 2 clamping pistons ports and 1 manifold drain
• the chucking piston is connected to a safety device and keeps the working securely gripped in the jaws even in the event of a complete pressure loss
• costant and automatic control of the indexing position and other working parameters by a separate electronic interface (not supplied) by the machine CNC

ModelDiameterClamping surfaceStrokeWeight
The dimensions are indicative and susceptible to changes due to technical improvements. We reserve the right to make changes without notice.
MDE 160160 mm13.85 cm²10 mm22 kg
MDE 205205 mm23.7 cm²14 mm32 kg
MDE 235235 mm23.7 cm²14 mm42 kg
MDE 260260 mm44.1 cm²18 mm50 kg
MDE 285285 mm44.1 cm²18 mm60 kg
MDE 300300 mm44.1 cm²18 mm70 kg

Max. operating pressure 55 bar
Ambient temperature 5-60°C
Sound emissions (sound pressure) ≤ 70 db (A) in each direction