Meat Gripper

Applied Robotics’ meat gripper is the only gripper to earn the USDA Accepted Equipment Seal. It is designed to handle all types of meat, fish and cheese in various forms; fresh, frozen and sliced.


  • The gripper can pick and place a variety of food products such as fresh meat, fish, cheese, bacon and many other nonuniform products. In addition to fresh, cooked and frozen products are also opportunities to apply this gripper in a stable and reliable manner.
  • Manufactured from light weight materials, which are FDA and USDA approved allows sanitization to be performed quickly and easily, adhering to all production cleaning guidelines.
  • Based upon the designs extremely low weight, production speed robots are optimized for the best performance available in a pick and place system.
  • The gripper’s rapid open and close times and consistent, smooth movements make it a natural for use on all high speed robots available today.
  • In addition to food, hard to handle non-uniform products in a variety of industries makes this gripper a good choice when performance and speed are critical to your automation needs.



  • Hygienic — washdown safe
  • Unique pick up head enables portions or groups of portions to be loaded gently, accurately and quickly into trays, thermoformers or other packaging.
  • In multiple head operation, each head can be programmed to produce a different size or type of pack format.



  • Collision sensing device options available
  • Easily integrated and integration assistance available
  • Robot adapter plates
  • Various grip plates
  • Various center platens



We can customize the gripper’s size, stroke, lower plates,center platen and mounting to handle any application.

PDF - Meat Gripper