OPE – 2-finger

OPE – 2-finger

Pneumatic Parallel Grippers

OPE 2-Finger

OPE is a universal two-finger parallel gripper featuring high reliability and long service life, suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.


  • Robust, lightweight housing made of hard-coated aluminum alloy.
  • Sturdy C-slot with hardened steel gibs for effective jaw guidance, precise handling, and easy maintenance.
  • Mounting from two sides in three screw directions for versatile and flexible integration.
  • Side or top finger mounting.
  • Integrated permanent magnets for direct monitoring of piston movement.
  • Slots for mounting and positioning of magnetic-field sensors.
  • Air supply via fitting screw connections or hose-free direct connections (optional version “X”).
Datasheet3D DrawingModelStroke per jawFluid consumption double strokeClosing force per jaw
@ 6 bar
Opening force per jaw
@ 6 bar
Total closing force
@ 6 bar
Total opening force
@ 6 bar
Recommended workpiece weightWeightRepeat accuracy
The dimensions are indicative and susceptible to changes due to technical improvements. We reserve the right to make changes without notice.
OPE 505 mm3.5 cmᶾ55 N65 N110 N130 N0.55 kg0.26 kg± 0.05 mm
OPE 50 S3 mm3.5 cmᶾ92 N109 N218 N218 N0.92 kg0.245 kg± 0.05 mm
OPE 607.5 mm7 cmᶾ75 N83 N166 N166 N0.75 kg0.37 kg± 0.05 mm
OPE 60 S3.75 mm7 cmᶾ150 N166 N332 N332 N1.5 kg0.35 kg± 0.05 mm
OPE 7010 mm9.5 cmᶾ75 N83 N166 N166 N0.75 kg0.5 kg± 0.05 mm
OPE 70 S5 mm9.5 cmᶾ150 N166 N332 N332 N1.5 kg0.5 kg± 0.05 mm
OPE 8012 mm16 cmᶾ110 N123 N246 N246 N1.1 kg0.8 kg± 0.05 mm
OPE 80 S6 mm16 cmᶾ220 N246 N492 N492 N2.2 kg0.76 kg± 0.05 mm
OPE 9515 mm27.5 cmᶾ150 N170 N300 N340 N1.5 kg1 kg± 0.05 mm
OPE 95 S7.5 mm27.5 cmᶾ300 N340 N600 N680 N3 kg1 kg± 0.05 mm
OPE 10010 mm75 cmᶾ635 N670 N1270 N1340 N6.35 kg1.9 kg± 0.05 mm
OPE 100 S 5 mm75 cmᶾ1270 N1340 N2540 N2680 N12.7 kg1.9 kg± 0.05 mm
OPE 11520 mm61 cmᶾ245 N271 N490 N542 N2.45 kg1.85 kg± 0.05 mm
OPE 115 S10 mm61 cmᶾ490 N542 N980 N1084 N4.9 kg1.85 kg± 0.05 mm
OPE 16030 mm181 cmᶾ520 N557 N1040 N1114 N5.2 kg3.95 kg± 0.05 mm
OPE 160 S15 mm181 cmᶾ1040 N1114 N2080 N2228 N10.4 kg3.7 kg± 0.05 mm
OPE 19035 mm259 cmᶾ635 N692 N1270 N1384 N6.35 kg6.8 kg± 0.05 mm
OPE 190 S17.5 mm259 cmᶾ1270 N1384 N2540 N2768 N12.7 kg6.8 kg± 0.05 mm
OPE 21040 mm390 cmᶾ845 N902 N1690 N1804 N8.45 kg9.5 kg± 0.05 mm
OPE 210 S20 mm390 cmᶾ1690 N1804 N3380 N3608 N16.9 kg9 kg± 0.05 mm

Operating pressure 2 – 12 bar
Ambient temperature 5-60°C
Sound emissions (sound pressure) ≤ 70 db (A) in each direction