PS Jointed loaders


The jointed loaders era rotating tools prepared for the application of a pair of pincers to be used in all the operations serving tool machines, unmachined piece loading, finisched piece unloading, etc..
The joint rotation, supported on prestressed oblique bearing, is assured by a pair of rack pistons.

The rotation is adjustable, with a deviation of +- 2°, using two micrometric pushrods, the deceleration is via built-in hydraulic shock absorbers and rotation is controlled by integrated sensors.

The loader body incorporates a distributor unit for direct input to the pincers (applied to the right angle joint), the shaft is bored internally for the passage of the cables of the sensor that reads the position of the pincers.

After technical verification of the dimensions, all the pincer models can be applied with aid of the correct interfacing plate, supplied on request.

The rotating loader body is in hard-anodised aluminium alloy, as too the joint fixing the pincers; the rotating shaft is in steel hardened at 62 HRC; the gear and the rackpistons are in UNI 39 NiCrMo3 nitriding-hardening steel.
The loading body incorporates lubrifon carbon charged seals which guarantee seal with little friction.

Angolo di rotazione
Rotation angle
Vol. aria doppia corsa
Dual stroke air vol.
Coppia teor. di rotazione
Theoretical rotation torque
6 bar-Ncm
Press. di esercizio
Working pressure
Codice articolo
Article code
PS 25180°1331.24-85.6PS250ARE
PS 32180°2582.44-87.5PS320ARA
PS 45180°5605.24-816PS450ARB
PS 50180°8327.74-829PS500ARC