Self-centering vice with pneumatic working

Self-centering PSV vices are widely used on working machines to clamp the work pieces.

The thrust for the clamping force on the piece is determinate through the pressure with a double-acting piston incorporated into the vice.

The cylinder, that handle the piston into the vice, can be embed inside the machine table.
The transmission of the thrust, from hub to grippers, happen through two strong levers.

The parts are joind to assure the movement open/close. They are entirely grilling with millesimal tolerance.

Entirely constructed in UNI 18NiCrMo5 hardened steel.

The final centering adjustments are made after assembly, with vice feeding with working pressure through special equipments (see “Reference diagram” into technical date)

All the pieces are made with extreme precision to assure centesimal allowances in construction.
On all our vices the flat jaw guides have inserted gib for greater precision and finishing of the sliding surface and so as to regain slack resulting from wear.

The vices “PSV” of Tecnomors are equipped with effective protection against the infiltration of production waste and with inputs for pressurization (see” Protection against infiltration of production” in Technical date”).

Vices are made with predisposition for a forced pressurization and with a strong “Degree of Protection” (IEC 144).

Feeding connections are located at the cylinder’s bottom and lateraly on the body of the vice.
On request Tecnomors can supply as optional a double cylinder to improve the clamping force.

Corsa tot. griffe
Total stroke
Corsa pistone
Piston stroke
Vol. aria dopp. corsa
Dual stroke air vol.
Forza reale chius. griffa
Actual clamp. force per jaw
(rend./output=0.6) 6bar-daN
Forza teor. chius. griffa
Theor. clamping force per jaw
6 bar-N
Press. di esercizio
Working pressure
Codice articolo
Article code

PSV 70610.641.7115230±0.0052-122.9PV070ABA

PSV 951318.5146190380±0.0052-126PV095ABB

PSV 1151420238.5290580±0.0052-1211PV115ABC

PSV 1351522.5391440880±0.0052-1213PV135ABD

PSV 1501623.55025401080±0.0052-1219PV150ABE

MAS 1403032.2580260 (output=0.46)780±0.0052-1815MI140PSA