Three jaws parallel stroke grippers with hollow center: high clamping force and precision, robotic models

The QPGB parallel grippers in this range can clamp the workpiece externally or internally; they are high quality and have been designed to offer the following advantages:

  • Load-bearing prismatic guides and hardened steel gibs with precision ground connections to guarantee high concentricity and repeatability
  • Jaws with ground reference marks for the fixing of the pincers
  • Inclined plane drive mechanism for excellent performance and prolonged safe functioning and gripping
  • The large, incorporated drive piston combined with a good tapering angle ensures an exceptional clamping force and a considerable jaw stroke
  • All models are also manufactured in the “S” version which offers an extraordinary clamping force/gripper weight ratio
  • Drilling marks on the gripper body permit precision side and axial fixing with screws and positioning pins
  • Position control with incorporated sensors that do not increase product size
  • A plate protects the control mechanisms from external contacts



Standard pneumatic drive beating from the cap for feed using rotating distributors, plates etc.

On request special versions for specific applications, also in small quantities; please contact our Technical Office.

Optional :

  • External proximity control on the jaws for the use of cylindrical or threaded proximity switches, with brackets and sensor pins
  • Safety device with spring incorporated in the drive piston to maintain position without pressure
  • For these optional please see the specifications at the end of this family
Corsa per griffa
Stroke per jaw
Corsa pistone
Piston stroke
Vol. aria dopp. corsa
Dual stroke air vol.

Forza teor. chius. griffa
Theor. clamping force per jaw
6 bar-N
Press. di esercizio
Working pressure
Codice articolo
Article code
QPGB 30967.228.54172-70.85OP090BNT
QPGB 309S37.228.58242-70.85OP090SBT
QPGB 31189.5667102-71.3OP110BNT
QPGB 311S49.56614032-71.3OP110SBT
QPGB 313101213011042-72OP138BNT
QPGB 313S51213021802-72OP138SBT