Servo Grippers

Tell us about your specific gripper requirements and we’ll create a specialized solution or designate the best electric gripper for your applications.

Our electric grippers are designed for use with robotic and other automated systems. All motion control capability is included in the gripper housing; no auxiliary control hardware is required. They feature serial interfaces that connect the gripper to a robot controller, PLC or computer. Alternatively, programs can be stored in EEPROM within the gripper and activated by discrete inputs.

Features and Benefits:

  • 30, 50, 84, or 150 mm of finger travel
  • Repeatability within +/- 0.1 mm
  • Variable grip force
  • Optional fingers to suit your specific application
  • Power/communication cable provided
  • Easy installation/integration allows you to quickly start using your gripper


Smart Grippers™ 0030, 0050 and 0150:

A very “plug and play” model, designed for handling lab ware, Smart Grippers™ 0030, 0050 and 0150 are specifically designed for precision and application flexibility necessary in lab automation or other such settings where efficient precision is mission critical.



Smart Gripper ™ 2.1
Smart Gripper ™ 3.0
SmartGrippers™ 0030
SmartGrippers™ 0050 and 0150