SWINGCUT Milling tool


The milling tool SWINGCUT can be used for the economical deburring of small and complex parts of metallic as well as nonmetallic material.

It allows high feed rates with an uniform quality and can be applied in any orientation.

The spindle is freely compliable in two directions.

The pressure against the workpiece edge can be set from the robot program.

The milling tool can either be mounted stationary onto a tool stand (Toolstand) or onto the robot arm.
If these tools at the robot have to be changed automatically, a tool changer (Changing
Systems) is available.

Commercial milling inserts can be used.

To assure an optimal life of the air motors the compressed air must be cleaned and lubricated.

Potenza motore100 W240 W1300 W
Velocità rotazione a vuoto85000 g/min35000 g/min25000 g/min
Compensazione radiale in due direzioni alla pinza±3.8°/±6 mm±3.8°/±8.5 mm±3.8°/±15 mm
Compensazione torsionale a 6 bar0.9 Nm2.4 Nm26 Nm
Forza di compensazione a 6 bar alla pinza10 N19 N112 N
Avanzamento5-200 mm/sec5-250 mm/sec10-300 mm/sec
Consumo di aria2.8 l/sec7.5 l/sec28 l/sec
Ingressi alimentazione ariaM6, M5BSP 1/8, M5BSP 3/8/Ø12, BSP 1/8/Ø6
PinzaØ3 mmØ6 mmØ8 mm
Peso1.4 Kg2.2 Kg7.6 Kg
Codice articolo1013.2001012.2003120.211
Pinza Ø3 mm1049.0011048.004/
Pinza Ø6 mm/1048.0011085.001
Pinza Ø8 mm/1048.0021085.002
Pinza Ø10 mm//1085.003
Pinza 1/4/1048.0031085.004
Pinza 1/81049.003//
Pinza 3/8//1085.005
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