TOOLSTAND Support tool


The TOOLSTAND 100 is being used to mount deburring tools in the part guided deburring process.

It allows to fix up maximal four (4) tools, depends on the size of part.

Six (6) 3/2-way valves are placed on a panel in order to switch on/off the power air of the
deburring tools.

For an application specific adjustment of the compliance force, two (2) pressure regulators are also installed on this panel.

A service unit with a lubricator completes the pneumatic equipment of this tool stand.

In order to variable the control air infinitely, a special version of a tool stand with a proportional pressure regulator are available.

In order to fix the deburring tools, two horizontal tubes which are adjustable in the height, are also included in the scope of supply.

The tubes are black finished.
The design of the pillar allows to fill up with sand to prevent vibrations.

Tubo orizzontale 222
Componenti pneumatici:
Unità di servizio 11
Valvola di start up 11
Scambiatore di pressione 11
Valvola 3/2-vie 6 (8)6 (8)
Regolatore di pressione 2
Regolatore di pressione proporzionale 1
Codice articolo 1022.2011022.2111022.221