Facing head with twin slide


• Thanks to their technical construction these head permit the perfect execution of grooves and/or profiles in processes on transfer machines, both on the exterior and interior of the work pieces.
• The radial trolley movement is produced by connecting the drive piston to the cylinder used on the operating unit.
• Tool can be fixed to the trolley through a teeth mechanism up inclined plane with extreme precision with a tolerance of the parts in the connection.
• The head can be fixed to the machine through optional flanges.
• The particular conformation of the body allow the fixing of the head 125 mod. “TRS 125” or “TRD 125” also up mandrins ISO 30.


• Toll fixing up the trolley “TRS” can be make in two difference way:
– exterior work pieces: construction of the tool with fixing hinter the body of the trolley though drilling, dowel pin and feather key
– interior work pieces: appleying the plate “bringing gripper PTS” (optional).
• With these kind of gripper and with commercial gripper ER it is possible the blocking of the tolls with gudgeon. To assure the angular reference in the positioning and in the blocking of the tool, the plate has a particular conformation (see example of application).
The parts are joined with grinding CNC, to guarantee extreme presition. The grinding of the reference (craping cutters seats and cotter) is made with especially equipment to obtain a precision concentricity of fixing.
• The heads have adjusting screw to limit the extra running and they have also inputs for lubrification and packing against the infiltration of waste.

Corsa carrello
Trolley stroke
Corsa tirante
Connection rod stroke
Le dimensioni sono indicative e suscettibili di variazioni per migliorie tecniche. Ci riserviamo di apportare modifiche senza preavviso.
The dimensions are indicative and susceptible to changes due to technical improvements. We reserve the right to make changes without notice.
TRD 1001001720.30.013.2
TRD 1251252226.20.014.5