We use clamping force that is always proportionate to the work to be performed. Our vises can be extremely delicate and exceptionally strong, maintaining high precision in the repeatability.
We have an infinite number of centering clamping vises, for mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic, with short or long run. We combine high clamping force with high stroke jaws.
Recently GRIP products complete our offer of vises.
Our clients choose us because our products guarantee reliability, precision, durability and quality.
Our technical department is available to realize customized grip, suited to the work center.


Effecto Group has been the first company to produce indexing chucks in the 60s.
Nowadays, this baggage of expertise and knowledge is used in the design and manufacture of chucks.
We have indexing chucks, draw rod and manual rotation and both manual locking and indexing and automatic locking and indexing chucks and automatic indexing chucks.
Our customers choose us for the expertise, experience and range of chucks.